Zombs.io is an entertaining and survival game. It is a very fun and interesting game to play. Various zombies are there in this game where you have to protect yourself from them. For this, you have to build your own base with the available resources. Ready to play this zombs.io game here.


To survive from the zombies you have to create your own base. To build the base first you have to select the base at stones and trees for this. Build gold stash to protect from the zombies. Build your base with strong wall and defense weapons to protect. Zombies will only come at night time. At each wave, they will become stronger. Use your gold to buy various weapons to attack the zombies. Play and enjoy the game by surviving from zombies. Have fun

Zombs.io Game Controls:

These are the game controls you have to use while playing the game to build your own base to protect from the zombies to survive.

  • WASD keys to Move
  • Left click to gather resources/attack/build
  • Right-click or esc to unselect
  • Q to switch weapons
  • B to enter the shop menu
  • P to enter party menu

These are the game controls which you can use and play the game without any issues. Even you can enjoy any game you want at Electric Man 2 Unblocked site by requesting the game through contact us page. We are ready to add as many games as you want.