Super Brawl will allow you to compete against players like electric man 2 unblocked from any corner of the world in an exciting fight to the death. Use many types of weapons, such as shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, machine guns and more, take on aggressive opponents and explore the territory by jumping from one side to the other. Show your courage and get to be the last survivor.

Super Brawl

Super Brawl is a fast shooting game in which you can enjoy multiplayer fights against players from around the world. Jump through the numerous platforms with your character and try to survive as long as possible. Enemies will appear continuously, so always be ready, as they can come from each side of the map. You can find different weapons and other elements that can help you in your fight. If you can not find anyone on the server, you can play an offline mode against the AI bots. It’s not as fun as against real players, but it’s great if you need some practice. You can also create your own lobby and invite your friends. Everything depends on you.

Super Brawl Game Controls

  • Arrow key to move
  • X to Jump
  • C to Shooting
  • Tab to score
  • Esc to Pause
  • Y to chat

Play this multiplayer shooting game with your friends. Invite your friends to play this game. One of the best shooting game to play. Enjoy the game.