Damien Walker and Ron Hawkins are key members of the Stick Squad. During your journey, you will help the secretive snipers take out every target. Point your crosshairs carefully, and shoot at evil stickmen around the globe. Complete objectives to earn cash and use it to upgrade your weapons. Play the Game Stick Squad Unblocked from Electric man 2 site for free.

Stick Squad

The game has your classic sniper missions, where you must eliminate your targets and calibrate your gun to compensate for wind and distance. There’s a shooting range to practice your shooting skills and fast-paced action assault missions, where your reaction time is what counts.

Stick Squad Game Controls:

In order to play the games, we need to have some sort of Controls to play the game. in the same way the Stick Squad Game as some gaming controls. To play the Stick Squad game you need to use the below Game Controls.

  • Mouse: Aim / Shoot
  • R:  Reload

These are the game controls of Stick Squad game. You can use them to kill the enemies and enjoy the victory. Even you can play many more Electric Man Games at our site Electric Man  2 Unblocked.