SpaceMan Max Unblocked Game: Can you eliminate monsters from beyond? Use different tactics to maximize the impact of your warrior’s missions in space! Simply aim and shoot the enemies in this futuristic and alien environment! Play this awesome spaceman games at Electric Man Games Site.

Spaceman Max Unblocked Game

Spaceman Max Unblocked Game

Help this astronaut to come out alive from inside the Moon. Guide him to the exit eliminating all the obstacles you find. Very simple to pass. I just found a complicated screen and after a while, I found the solution. Very good. Just some gaming skills can show you more ways to solve the game puzzle.

About Spaceman Max Game:

Try to shoot the aliens with various objects. You can see weapons of all kinds, from teleportation to knives, rocket launchers and many more. You have to save your team and destroy the enemy at all costs. Sometimes, you will not be able to cope without the help of some objects. So start now.

Spaceman Max Gameplay

Spaceman Max Gameplay

Come on, come on, guys look like rookies. If You want a trophy, become the best and win it naturally with your skills.
I love these puzzle games !!! My all achievements completed and sharing knowledge to the fellow beings.

Spaceman Max Game Controls:

This game is the best for some fresh feelings. Smooth and soft going game with only one game control to use. Check the game control and start playing the game.

Electro Appliances game controls

Spaceman Max Game Controls

  • Mouse Left Click to Select

This is the only game control to be used to play the game. Enjoy the game and be cool 🙂

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