in Samurai Fighter game, Arashin and Bei are two of the bravest samurai in the kingdom. Help them in this epic quest to eliminate a ruthless gang of ninjas and other criminals in this fighting game. Can you help them defeat each enemy in the vibrant levels? Put yourself in the shoes of a brave samurai as you face all kinds of dangerous enemies in exciting street fights. Collect weapons from the ground, eliminate all your opponents with hard punches and strong kicks, protect yourself from their attacks and demonstrate your skill with martial arts while surviving until the end of each level. Good luck.

Samurai Fighter

Here we have an epic fighting game in which you control a samurai. There will be multiple enemies that will come in waves to catch you. Of course, they will become stronger and stronger. That’s why you need to improve your fighting skills. Try to find new weapons lying on the ground. You can pick them up and use them to fight your opponents. The graphics are great, so enjoy the game.

Samurai Fighter Game Controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space Bar to Jump
  • C to Defense
  • Z to Pick up the weapon

It is a fighting game invite your friends to play this game. Here on our website electric man unblocked, you can play this game on online for free no need to download it into your PC.