Sakura Blade is one of the intense Stick Man fighting game among all the Stickman Fighting Games. The character is called Elite Assassin and must use some sacred Sakura Blades to destroy your enemies.  In this game, the Giants will be moving Slowly and they eat humans as their Food. Simply their Feeding is Human. So you should Fly through the levels and kill the enemies by using the Jetpacks and Swords.

Sakura Blade

This Game is Fast Paced and enemies will be more sharp to kill you. You should be more Active and kill all the giant enemies to move to the next levels. The game has a Few controls which we should use while playing. People are even playing many electric man unblocked game while playing this sakura blade. Click here to play the Electric Man Games.

Important Points to Keep in mind:

  • Attack the Giants at their Weak Spots to kill them. (Blue Flames)
  • Ensure to Avoid the Red Flames because this will damage you. (Red Flames)
  • Some Enemies will be Killed by Only Your Special Moves.
  • Collect Scrolls to recharge your Jets and unlock your special Moves.

Sakura Blade Game Control:

  • R {Reset}
  • P {Pause}
  • ESC {Quit}
  • 7 {Sound ON/OFF}
  • 8 {BGM ON/OFF}
  • LEFT CLICK {Move, Attack, Decide}
  • RIGHT CLICK {charge}
  • MIDDLE CLICK /X Key {Discharge}

These are the Game Controls which you should use and enjoy the game play.

Sakura Blades Game Play:

When we start playing the game the game shows an Animation of the story and inline of the story. After that, you will have to see a screen with 36 chapters in it. The chapters are as follows…

Sakura Blade Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Homecoming
  • Chapter 2: The Devil’s Territory
  • Chapter 3: Flame of Grudge
  • Chapter 4: Home Sweet Home…?
  • Chapter 5: Ashes To Ashes
  • Chapter 6: The First Corruptor
  • Chapter 7: Lost Trust
  • Chapter 8: Maternal Instinct
  • Chapter 9: The Second Corruptor
  • Chapter 10: Heading Home
  • Chapter 11: Daddy Dearest
  • Chapter 12: The Third Corruptor
  • Chapter 13: Disobedience
  • Chapter 14: Ancient Forest
  • Chapter 15: The Home of Darkness
  • Chapter 16: The Fourth Corruptor
  • Chapter 17: Hopeless Chase
  • Chapter 18: Fret
  • Chapter 19: “sen”
  • Chapter 20: The Fifth Corruptor
  • Chapter 21: White Shadow
  • Chapter 22: Backstabbing
  • Chapter 23: Reunion
  • Chapter 24: Anger
  • Chapter 25: Death Valley
  • Chapter 26: Insanity
  • Chapter 27: The Sixth Corruptor
  • Chapter 28: Trap
  • Chapter 29: the City of Evils
  • Chapter 30: The Seventh Corruptor
  • Chapter 31: Nightmare
  • Chapter 32: Human and Evil
  • Chapter 33: The Three Emperors 1
  • Chapter 34: The Three Emperors 2
  • Chapter 35: The Three Emperors 3
  • Chapter 36: The God of Evil
  • Final chapter bond.

They will be some more extra Chapters where we should fight to complete the whole game.
Watch this video for more info. Have a Look at the gameplay of Sakura Blade.

Why you are waiting to start playing now. Enjoy the Game Play!!!

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