Mike Shadow – I paid for it, but the machine fooled him. The character named Mike Paid for an Item and put the coin in the Machine but the vending machine will not give the Item. Now Get Ready for the epic fight with the vending machine. You should fight to get what is yours.

Mike Shadow

You should become the most dangerous vending machine destroyer by destroying the vending machine. The Game controls also will be down the gameplay… Their will some shots below the gaming screen. We should destroy the vending machine by using the Attacks given below.

In Electric Man 2 Games and other games, we will have the game control either Mouse or by Keyboard, but mike shadow game has an inbuilt attack shown below the gaming screen.

The Menu of the game looks like

  • SCORES: Which will show your previous game scores.
  • START: Pressing on this button will begin the Game.
  • SHOP: Here you can buy some Attack Stocks from the shop.
  • MEDALS: This will show you all the medals in this screen.
  • TIPS AND TRICKS: Tips and Tricks will show some awesome tricks and tips to kill the enemies.
  • MORE GAMES: For More games.

These are the main functionalities of the game. You can enjoy the game by playing it.

Have a look at this Video on Mike Shadow and How to play it. Hope you will learn some more new things…

Start playing the unblocked game and enjoy the Game Play!!!

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