Get ready for King of Bikes plat the games in electric man 2 unblocked site. An exciting motorcycle stunt game in which you will climb to the bridge while dodging giant hammers, dangerous and sharp blades, dragons and much more obstacles. Collect as many coins as you can to unlock more powerful bikes and reach the most difficult levels. There are hundreds of hidden tricks to discover.

king of bikes

Here we have an exciting game in 3D, in which you will go through a series of dangerous obstacles on your bike. It will not be easy since you will have many bold jumps. You should also avoid as many obstacles as you can. You will start to unlock new bicycles as you progress more and more in the game. Each of them has different abilities, so driving will always feel a little different. To be able to pass the last level, you must use the best vehicle you can. Try to be the best player who has had this game.

King Of Bikes Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys to move or Drive
  • Esc To Menu

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