In Javelin Fighting, you are sitting pretty on top of a tower with an endless supply of spears. All you have to do is aim well, add the right amount of thrust to it and skewer the other guy, before he does the same to you. Will your stickman survive the endless onslaught of murder-happy spearthrowers? Keep an eye on your health bar and aim for that guy’s head, in this bloody and challenging tower duel. You can Now play your¬†favorite¬†games at Electric Man Website for free.

Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting Unblocked Game

You stand on top a tower with your javelin ready to fire. The opponent stands at the opposite end. Your goal is to launch your javelin across the screen to take him down before he takes you down. Headshots are super effective so try to aim for it if you can.

Javelin Fighting Game Controls:

Below are the Game Controls of the Javelin Fighting Game. Just use those game controls to play the game. We have collected all the useful game controls of the Javelin Fighting game. Let’s check the controls now

  • Mouse – Aim, Determine Power, and Shoot
  • W – Jump (once unlocked)
  • S – Duck (once unlocked)

These are the game controls which are the best to play with. You will surely enjoy the gameplay. Why you are waiting for for.. Start playing the game right Now.

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