In this Happy Room game, you find yourself in a laboratory where human clones are being tested in some pretty extreme conditions. So, the realization of these tests. Try to complete all the tasks and show the world that your institute can be trusted with your research. The game has 42 challenging levels like electric man 2 unblocked. For example, you can lower mine and let a clone walk on it to see how much damage it would impact on your body.

Happy Room

New update, Happy Room is now available for PC without the need to tear. Play Happy Room Online. In this laboratory, different tests of weapons and traps will take place. For this, they have created different clones with which you can Pobre your arsenal, do not worry about them, neither feel nor suffer. There are knives, explosives, firearms, and even a black hole. Combine them as you can. Happy Room is not only for Steam, but now you can also play in Minigames. We hope you enjoy it and that you are not very cruel.

Happy Room Game Controls

  • Use left mouse button to choose and place a trap

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Play the game in online from us right now. In order to play the game simply click on the game which is in the top. Click on the play button and the game will start. Once the game is loaded you can play it.