Have you ever wanted to dive into the waters and put yourself on the hard skin of a great white shark? This is exactly what you can do in Great White, an exciting 3D shark simulation game likeĀ electric man 2 unblocked. Explore the ocean while you try to complete missions before your level of life is in danger. Use your powerful fins to swim and try to catch different fish while enjoying fantastic 3D graphics and freely roam the seven seas.

Great White

In today’s action game, you control a great shark, whose only job is to kill all the fish that are nearby. Each level has its own number and type of fish that you need to catch. There is also a time limit, so it must be fast and accurate. It will not be easy with such a big beast under your control. The game will feature an open view and a series of creatures. The only problem is the controls. It’s not really ideal, but eventually, you’ll get used to it. This should not dissuade you though.

Great White Game Controls

  • Arrow keys to swim
  • W key to move up
  • S key to move down
  • Shift to fast swimming
  • Tab to attack
  • Esc key to pause the game
  • M key to return to the menu

Great White is one of the best mind relaxation game. Ready to control the shark. Invite your friends to play the game. Have fun.