This Freeway Fallguy game is based on the music video “just because” by Raygun. You have to drive the car carefully, play game in electric man 2 unblocked so that the singer does not fall off the hood. If you manage, you will earn points. The singer of the group Raygun has a desire and is singing on top of a car at full speed. Move with the mouse collecting pieces of movies and press the left mouse button to accelerate.

Freeway Fallguy

The bad thing about surfing a car is that when you fall you do not get wet, you fall apart. Move to the left and right with the mouse and click and hold the button to accelerate, trying to keep Ray on the hood. You will get more points if you drive faster and take the bonus signals, but you will not score if Ray goes down.

Freeway Fallguy Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to drive the car
  • Left click of the mouse to accelerate/fasten singer
  • Left arrow key to move left
  • Right arrow key to move right
  • Up arrow key to move forward
  • Down arrow key to move backward

It is a free online car racing game where you have to control the car and drive the car carefully. Ready to show your driving skills in this game. Play and enjoy the game here.

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