Free flight sim game is a plane simulator game like electric man 2 unblocked. It’s a very busy day at this airport. Can you prevent all of the airplanes and helicopters from crashing into one another while they try to land? You’ll need to carefully choose their flight paths as quickly as possible in this challenging online simulation game. Enjoy a magnificent flight simulator. Climb into a small plane and get ready to sail the skies as you never had before. Enjoy yourself.

Free Flight Sim

In this game, you will need some experience and above all a little training. You need to master the theory of flight along with the real thing, sitting in a cockpit and commanding a plane. You will get your own plane that will serve as your training ground. In this way, you will omit the boring part of the simulator. You will see that flying an airplane is quite easy once you learn the basics. Start the engines and get ready to take off.

Free Flight Sim Game Controls

  • Use WASD Keys to Flying
  • Use Arrow Keys to Engine Power
  • Q/E to tilt rear wing
  • I to start Engine
  • T to air trails
  • Use B to breaks
  • Esc to Cancel Full Screen