In Fist Punch 2 game you will battle against Punks, Evil Unicorns, Demonic destroyers, and many other dangerous creatures. Hit with your fists and feet, take and use the weapons of your enemies and perform devastating special attacks to beat the toughest enemies and the many bosses of the game. No less than 30 places can be visited in a long and rich adventure.

Fist Punch 2

Use a combination of punches and kicks to try and defeat your enemies and keep an eye on your special bar as it fills up. Once your special bar has filled, you can unleash a strong area effect attack. Some enemies use weapons such as a French bread stick. Once you have defeated them you can pick up these weapons and use them yourself. Collect food as you progress to restore your health and ensure you stay alive.

Fist Punch 2 Game Controls:

Player 1:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • K to jump
  • L to attack and grab an item
  • K and L to use special

Player 2:

  • WASD to move
  • G to jump
  • F to attack and grab an item
  • G and F to use special

Fist Punch 2 is a fantastic fighting game from Cartoon Network and features characters from your favorite shows. You will enjoy this game. Have fun.

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