Feeling the complex is an adventurous stick man game where you are in the prison cell and you have to escape from the prison at any cost. There were a lot of stick man soldiers as security to the prison. Quick decision making is important for this game. You have to take fast and right decisions in this game to escape from the prison to be alive.

Feeling The Complex

This game mainly depends on strategies and decision making. To escape from the prison you have to find help from the surrounding environment. Simply you have to choose the right one. You can take help from the old or new friends in the prisons to escape. All the decisions you have taken will not fail some may work and some not.

Get away from a high-security prison completely isolated from the world. To do this, he makes decisions that will influence the evolution of the game’s history. Enjoy 6 different endings and up to 60 failed scenarios. Have fun.

Feeling The Complex Game Controls:

  • The controls are simple. You’re presented with a decision on the screen, then you click on the option, action or tool you’d like to use.

So the controls are easy as well as we can easily play the game with these controls. You can play any unblocked game online from Electric Man 2 game site.