A puzzle game in which you try to convert into different machines. But for this you need electricity, it passes through the different objects. Therefore, get it in the right place and pass the 32 levels. Start Playing the game online from our site electric man addicting games portal.

Electro Appliances unblocked game

Electro Appliances unblocked game

These games are perfect to use a bit the brain that for holidays are paralyzed. You can see these games should be with achievements and very interesting to get those for us. We even play many more games like this Electro Appliances and get more knowledge of the game.

About Electro Appliances Unblocked Game:

Remove some elements and activate others so that the electric sphere manages to touch the objects necessary to activate the whole system. Think carefully about where to click to make any appliance work.

very good, quite entertaining although something illogical but good game to play and have fun in the free time. I have seen many games like this and played a lot of this smalls which makes us feel free and great.

The Gameplay of Electro Appliance Game:

  •  It’s easy but they are very many levels
  • The most likely thing is that everyone is interested in Playing this game and crossing the levels.
Electro Appliances game play

Electro Appliances gameplay

  • At level 11: you must click on one of the boxes above to drop the two metal balls and when they go rolling you drop the metal bar so that they hit the other ball and so it falls

Like this, they are many Levels which we should go across and play the game.

Electro Appliances Game Controls:

As we all know that each and every game has a set of game controls to play with. In the same way, the electro appliance also has a set of game controls which you can use and start playing the game right away.

Electro Appliances game controls

Electro Appliances game controls

  • Left Click on Mouse to Select.

Only Mouse is used to play the game and enjoy learning some logic in the game.

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