Electric Man Unblocked: Electric Man Unblocked is an Additive Game which has many interesting controls which we can use and enjoy the smooth gameplay without any problem. This fast and furious game will have a lot of enemies to be kicked off each game. You should be more confident and ready to play the game in many situations. You can easily play this game with the game controls.

Electric Man Unblocked

How to play the game:

First, you have you create your character by entering the name and color. Next, choose the level which you want to play. Each level there will be 4 rounds. Each round will get more difficult to defeat the enemies.

Electric man 2 game play

Make Sure you are playing the game to win the tournament. So you should use all the tricks to play the game and enjoy the kill off enemies with Winning the rounds. You can Enjoy Playing Electric Man Unblocked at School.

Electric Man Unblocked Control Keys:

Below are the Control keys to play the game Electric Man Unblocked. Use this Control Keys to play the game. Make sure to use all your skills in playing the game and make an use of all the attacks in he game.

  • Left Arrow (Run Left);
  • Right Arrow (Run Right);
  • Down Arrow (Dodge);
  • A (Punch moves);
  • S (Kick moves);
  • D (Grab/Throw moves);
  • Q (Slow-motion punch moves);
  • W (Slow-motion kick moves);
  • E (Slow-motion grab/throw moves)

So these are the control keys which you should use to punch, kick and grab the enemies on the fighting stage. Have a Look on the video below on how to play Electric Man Unblocked Game without losing the game.

I hope you will love this game which playing it. It is been having good reviews from the teenagers who play this game every day.  Start Playing the game and enjoy the gameplay…