Electric Man 4 Unblocked: Electric Man 4 game is a new version of the Electric Man Game with some new awesome features for the game lovers.  Start playing the game and enjoy the other features of the new versions.

Electric Man 4 unblocked

In this Electric Man 4 Game, you should create your own character and name it with your selected color for the character. This character is your character and you should start playing the game with this Electric Man and defeat the opposite enemy by punches, Kicks, and grabs.

Electric Man 4 Game Controls :

The game controls are the same for all the versions of the game. Anyways let me clear the game controls again for you.

Electric Man 2 Game Controls

  • To Left Side and Right Side Moves, We should use Keyboard Left Arrow and Right Arrow.
  • To Flip, we should Down Arrow key.
  • A, S and D for Normal Attacks Like Punches, Kicks, and Grabs
  • Q, W and E for Slow Motion Attacks Like Slow Motion Punches, Slow Motion Kicks and Slow Motion Grabs.

Points to Keep in Mind: Electric Man 4 Unblocked

  • The Game Punches, Kicks, and Grabs will change while running.
  • Slow Motion Attacks are more powerful than the Normal Attacks.
  • The Damage done for the enemy should be strong and they should be recovered to stand again.

So these are some of the Points to remember while playing the Electric Man Game. Hope you have got all the info which are searching for.

Why you are waiting!!! Start the game and play right away…