is the multiplayer combat game in the style play game in electric man 2 unblocked. In this game, you will control a powerful warrior with whom you will have to walk the stage in search of colored gems that will allow you to increase your strength, size, and score while facing all dangerous class enemies. Make sure you synchronize your attacks to hit your enemies with your weapon at the right time before they reach you and get to the top of the leaderboard. Improve your weapons and have a great time.

It is anĀ IO game, where you will find yourself in an arena with enemies from all over the world. Your goal is to destroy them all and to do it, you must climb the ladder as high as possible. Try to destroy the great heroes during the game, as they throw special items when they are killed. These objects can help you in your fight against your enemies. Apart from that, you can get faster for some shipments, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to movement
  • Left click of the mouse to attack
  • Use D key to dash

Use this game controls before going to start the game. Invite your friends to play the game. In order to play the game come to our site. Play and enjoy the game.

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